Harley,my brother and me!

I don’t know much about bikes or how they work.Hell I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.But the one thing I love about them is the sound.I love bikes that have a raw almost beautiful roar.

As teenagers we used to sit by the promenade on the beach and apart from the boys we loved admiring the bikes.Our heads would turn if we would hear the roar of a bike even from a distance.

Even now I’m most fascinated if a Harley Davidson would pull up next to the rickshaw I’m riding in well which has its own strange sound but not quite like the Harley next to me.

These days I truly believe that things you often dream of come to you almost unexpectedly.Accidently on a day you think would be just ordinary there is a happy surprise..serendipity.

So on a Monday morning when you’re hit that you have a week ahead of you until the weekend again,my brother in law takes me on my first Harley ride (his friend’s bike loaned to him for a month).Well I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to sit on one.

It was great seeing my brother ride into the lane.Ahhhh! The roar was just magical..really sweet!

So all I had to do was wear a helmet which took me awhile to figure out,get my shades on and get on.

From the moment we started I went into a space where I felt a connection with the bike and the road.Everything else just seemed to fade away into the background including my thoughts.

Just to mention here that I felt really cool and so like a biker chic.

We even saw the parade for May Day and ended the ride with a lovely breakfast.Brother and sister both equally thrilled.I think we both didn’t talk much and just loved the sheer joy of riding on a Harley!

Things do happen in your life that may seem random but lead to something that makes you incredibly happy.It always comes in the most mysterious and silent ways,holding your heart and your mind for that moment where you pause and say to yourself this is what I had once wished for and it leaves with that gentle,beautiful roar reminding you to have faith in the universe and above all yourself.

Cheers to many more Harley experiences and dreams coming true!


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