Slow Dance

Silence can mean a lot of things.Lately I’ve found that the more I want to spend time alone the more content I feel with myself and everything around.

Growing inward though is just not about a happy and spiritual feeling.It starts with overthinking.Overthinking about everything from relationships to career to lost love.

Then the overthinking leads you to do stupid things.Once that’s done you think some more.In all your solitude,the loneliness that seeps into you,you begin to find answers.

Answers that help you find the calm after,answers that renew your spirit and answers that let you continue to question everything about yourself,the good and the bad,the new and the old,what you are and who you will be.

Growing inward,being silent just gives you a chance to truly love yourself.This does not mean that your connections with people weaken.It only helps you to stay open to new experiences to new people entering your life and strengthen the old ones and infuse love into them again.

I know I write this in a time when I haven’t had chances to meet people,friends.It has even then been a moment of great happiness to find the me in me,to find my own space,to be my own best friend and to hope with a big smile of things yet to come when things won’t be as quiet or deep,that there will be laughter and the chatter of friends around me.It’s just that now I know that I can find my joy in both worlds.Accepting and appreciating what comes to me in every moment and embrace it fully.

So don’t let your silence break your heart.Don’t let it kill you to sit in the dark.Give that silence,a hug and trust that it will have a long conversation with you.It will slowly start to feel like a party for two.A slow dance between you and your soul.


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