The Little Woman

Everyone is celebrating Women’s Day today.They are celebrating strong,independent,savvy and beautiful women.I wonder if I fit in any of those categories or ever have.Is there any room for the kinder,gentler kind of women.The one who prefer home over an office.The one who still dream of finding love in order to have a complete life.The one who is no superwoman or one that can multitask.

Is there room for the plainer,simpler kind? The one who craves space instead of filling every minute of the day accomplishing and achieving.

I wonder if people hold the same admiration for a woman a little shy,a little less bold,unambitious but never holding back on compassion,her giving ways,loving those around her and having her own passions and interests.I wonder if Women’s Day celebrates the Softer Souls not just the Strong Ones.

To all the women retain your weirdness,your tenderness,your compassion.Don’t let the world make you hard and bitter.Be gentler always mostly to yourself.Stay kind,choose love and family over extra hours at work.Be strong if you must we must all be to survive just never forget the woman in you.

Being soft is never a weakness it is only one loving way of staying strong!!

Happy Women’s Day to all kinds of women!!


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