End the day with Ellen!

It’s funny how sometimes a simple T.V.  show can become your comforting moment at the end of a long,tiring day and you find yourself looking forward to it everyday.Well this one show I never liked at the start or paid much attention to(maybe I couldn’t keep up with all the jokes because it’s so ‘American’) has now become my happy and peaceful moment of the day.

The Ellen Degeneres  Show is not one of those shows which is just an addiction no not at all,it’s something very positive.Ellen the host for me has this whole magical,upbeat,sweet and sunshiny aura.She truly radiates in the way she looks,how she interacts with celebrity guests,her spontaneous dancing with the audience and making everyone laugh be young or old.

Not only that she’s supercool and so with the times it scares me to see her lip sync with songs I have no clue about:p Her sense of humour just goes with her lovely voice.

Although the show revolves around celebrities,musicians,sports personalities you never get that rich and famous vibe about the show.All the guests show their witty,funny and down to earth side and are so sporting.

tWitch who is the resident DJ of the show is in harmony with everything and in total sync with Ellen.He lends a great presence to the show and I always picture him and his moves when I think of the lovely theme song by P!nk for the show ‘Today’s the day’.

The show has another element I love which are the surprise prizes and charities they are involved with.Ellen really goes by her words ‘Be kind to everyone’.It’s nice that she stresses on the importance of kindness.The world really needs it.

All the cool games like ‘Oops my water broke!’ create an atmosphere of fun.

At this point you may be wondering why all the information about a show everyone maybe already watching.It is such a good part of my day that I had to write about how much I love watching Ellen.

To Ellen I say always stay smiling,beautiful,radiate and keep spreading your generous sunshine.

🎶 I used to want to grow up
I thought that I could be free

But now I’m realizing

It’s cool, it ain’t for me

It’s cool, cause all my dreams

Are more than possibilities

I get so vicious

When I don’t feel delicious

I just need a friend

So much to carry

These days are kinda scary I don’t want the fun to end
Oh oh oh

Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for

Tomorrow won’t come after all

Yesterday’s so far away

This today is the only day

Somebody please stop the clock

Oh oh oh

Don’t ever let this day stop

Oh oh oh

I never wanna go home


No, no no
I’m a say today’s my day

I’m a say today’s my day

I’m a say today’s my day

I’m a say it’s gonna go my way
I’m a say today’s my day

I’m a say today’s my day

I’m a say today’s my day

I’m a say it’s gonna go my way

Oh oh oh🎶

Good night Ellen!


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