Making it work!

“Happiness is working from home and being your own boss.”

A few years ago I had to quit my full time job as a teacher and trying to fit into a new place of work came with a lot of obstacles.I gave myself a complete break and then decided to do something on my own.I started a small elocution,speech and drama class from home last year now called Spotlight.

With the help of a few friends I got about a handful of students to start with.I was happy to be finally doing something although it was very little work and hard to get by but I didn’t want to give up on it.

January,2016 the new year and I was left with just one,sweet regular student.I was worried but I had faith I could keep this going and make it work.A dear friend of mine who has helped me set up the class right from the start came to my rescue again.I was able to revive the classes again and even had some tuitions to help me out financially.

The year has gone by with its ups and downs.I am thankful to have a few students in my class as the year slowly comes to a close.

Being your own boss means you get to make all the decisions even the tough ones.It has also given me time to do the things I love and most of all I’m healthy and happy.It always pays to stay determined and persistent on your goal even if all the odds are against it.Although the work that I do will always remain unpredictable I am blessed to have work and still be able to teach children.

My three favourite people who have had faith in my work and helped me along the way~

My mum who sits in on all my classes and gives me advice whenever I need it.

My sister always helps advertise my class and spread the word.

My ex colleague and friend who sends me most of the students I get to work with and constantly eggs me on.

My favourite student although I shouldn’t have favorites.Well she’s been with me for over a year and has been the most regular student.Little Rhea has been my one reason to keep the class running.

My favourite theatre game to teach has to be Zapping where the children take on different TV channels but talk about one theme.Zapping through the channels as if you were watching TV.

The children’s favorite skit to enact ‘The Hot Chocolate Shop’.

My favorite poem to teach ‘Spaghetti’. The children took time memorizing the lines but enjoyed reciting it at the end.

So if you have a dream even if small don’t let anything hold you back,walk on and you will find tiny moments of happiness happen to you miraculously on days you never expected.If you believe in your work be determined to make it work!


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