Friendly Tales

We make friends in every phase of our life.They are never constant,each playing their part and either moving on or staying a big part in your life forever.There have been moments of great kindness,where a friend has meant the world and getting by without them wouldn’t have been easy.

In my last year of  school everything went spiraling down for me and while my true best friends didn’t quite understand how to deal with what was happening to me,two of my classmates who I didn’t speak to that much or hung out with turned out to be my pillars of strength.They never left my side during lunch break or class hours to school events.They empathized completely with what I was feeling and saw me through the year.Although when we all went off to college we headed out in seperate directions they will always have a special place in my heart.

In college we always have that one boyfriend who is more like a brother.I did too.Once we had a big project to complete and worked very hard to put it together.But I needed someone to sketch out a nice cover page for it and even though my friend wasn’t in our group for the project he volunteered for it.The day he was to come to my home to work on it,it rained heavily and Mumbai rains they create havoc .I thought he wouldn’t make it but he did really late.He patiently sat down to work on it and went home.It was the sweetest gesture to go all out of his way for me.

Examinations are something where every friend becomes competitive and studies on their own all locked up in their rooms.This one time I fell ill and needed someone to help me study.Three of my closest friends didn’t hesitate at all and formed a study group and motivated me to study and pass my exams.These friends have been through with me through the good and bad times.

When you want to speak your heart out about the weird,the whimsical, the worrisome,the heartbreaking,the crazy,the ‘Anything’ my best girlfriend is the world’s best listener and she will never judge you and will always have a solution or something really wise to say.I’ve spent all my teen years talking to her and also sharing a lot of laughs on the way.

There are some friends you stay connected with all your life and my three girlfriends from college have been through all my ups and down.The three of them have literally been my guides through everything.

Sometimes family make great friends too.My sister and mum have helped me through every school assignment,sickness,exam and we share an everlasting bond.

In the past few years my career hasn’t been going too great and my ex colleague has been there every step of the way from helping me start my classes to taking me out and keeping me happy.Love having her in my life.

There are countless friends to thank.I just hope that I’ve been a true friend too,almost like a guardian angel! 



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