For the love of a song.

Music has been a part of us always.We grew up listening to mum’s collection.She loved Cliff Richard ,Elvis, Jim Reeves,Pat Boone,Dean Martin,Connie Francis.We would wake up to any of these blaring loud.Then my sister had her 70s music.Then we were hit by MTV and it’s videos grew on us.

But there came a stage when songs attached themselves to a memory,a moment,lost love.

Nothing like some music when you’re out walking.Walking can’t be done without it.

Listening to Don Mclean’s Vincent late at night on FM and stay up just for it the next day.

Listening to a fresh playlist and discovering a song you fall in love with.

Then those rainy nights when you’re feeling lonely music helps you cry,smile and feel better.

The moments when you’re looking for answers music pulls you out and refreshes you with it’s sweet melody.

Music thrills you at a concert it gets the crowd moving to one thumping beat,a synergy and a common love.

Music gives you those ahhh moments when you hear a tune,a lyric beautifully sung.All you do is shake your head in wonder how a chord can touch your heart as much.

And then there are the times when music is playing and you just have to get up and dance..No joy so pure and simple.

Music you mean more to me than you’ll ever know.Thanks for embracing me in my darkest days and lifting me up high again.Hope that my dance with you plays on forever.Hope that the music never dies…



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