Finding a mate!

We all have fairy tale visions of what true love could be like,look like and feel like.Now I’ve never been one to whom love came easy.I never dated in my teens though would have loved to since I was so much fun back then.

As I reached in my 20’s with no hope on that chance meeting or bumping into someone kind of love happening to me,I had to get on the dreaded matrimonials.A website that claimed to have made a million matches all you had to do was click on a profile that you really liked.I think I’ve clicked on a million profiles by now and still haven’t met my match.

Apart from that is the old matchmaker lady who sends potential interests to you and she is left puzzled as why I haven’t married yet.I suggest she try date some of the guys.

An uncle once told me I have built a wall around myself and I have a standard that I somehow want to be met.Well I do have a standard I want fulfilled especially when I know men who know just how to treat a woman and make her happy.It gives me an undying hope.

Once while trying to find someone had a guy speak to me over the phone and tell me how his ideal day is tending to his buffaloes and tallying the bills at the end of the day.That is clearly not how I envision my days.This one guy who wanted to stay set in his ways even after marriage like leaving me in the middle of the night to hang out with a friend.Unheard of.One guy who walked up to me in shoes with practically heels on them and he was shorter than me and I’m really short.

Clearly none of the men I’ve met have tried to make me feel beautiful or feel like a lady.Though I may have a million flaws myself I will not stop looking for that one elusive love who will treasure me,accept me and make me feel no less than a queen.

So if you’re looking for someone don’t get on a website.Just wait if it’s meant to be he will walk into your life or you in his or you’ll just dream him into your life.Meanwhile I’ll be here still checking into a matrimonial because I’m now well past my 20’s and racing toward 40!




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