When was the last time?

I sit here with absolutely nothing to do and free for the entire weekend.My days go by peacefully and I’m happy I have work this year which means less worrying and a little more living.The mundaness makes me think a little,when was the last time I did something out of the ordinary? Something bold and adventurous or something to give me a sense of achievement.Something kind for someone or brighten someone’s day.Something to face my fears or to test my determination.Do something creative or something that’s unique that’s just me.

Well there’s tons of things I could do and hoping I get down to doing at least one thing that makes me feel elated,happy and accomplished this year.(My secret wish is to learn how to ride a bicycle and own one.Tiny wish!)

For the time being ,the simple joy of every little day and the fact that things are easier than last year brings over a certain calm over me.

Nothing like being content with today and every now and then I will give myself a gentle reminder of when was the last time you did something special?



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