The struggle continues.

Last year was a year filled with struggle.Through most of it I was on an emotional roller coaster.I had more low days than good.I fought on to survive.Kept my little drama class running which was my only source of income.

December finally helped release the tension with all the holiday fun.Friends to meet,functions to attend all made me feel relaxed something I hadn’t felt in ages.

But good things never last long.Here I am in 2016 and have the same problems of last year.

Here are three things that I wish for that would make me feel content and happy this year:-

Finding a job-Even though I’m a kindergarten teacher I really want to pursue teaching Speech and Drama in schools.It is what makes me happy and keeps me healthy.Although I have gone in for a interview it’s a really long wait until they call me in for a second round.Hoping it’s soon.Keeping my fingers crossed!! Finding a job will really help me feel secure and keep me active and occupied in something I love.It will definitely gain me some peace of mind.

Finding someone-There are times when being single can be so good.You have your freedom,no one to answer to and you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.But finding someone I connect with,talk to and fall in love with deeper everyday would be really nice too.

Meeting people-I hope I continue meeting people and making new friends.There is great joy in being surrounded with people you like and who’s company you enjoy .

Three things I take from last year:-

Worry less-It really helps to worry less .It let’s you feel happiness.

Stay loyal-Good friends don’t come easy stay loyal to them and they’ll surprise you in many ways.

Family love-Stay close to your family they will always be the only thing you’ve ever got in this world.

So even though it’s Cheers to new beginnings I also know that it’s Cheers to all the struggles we will fight through this year!! 

This picture below is of a park nearby and it really helped me all of last year to come here to rejuvenate,recuperate and simply to just breathe it all in.



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