Cool change!

Holidays are a great way to rejuvenate,rethink and simply get away from the city blues.My first memory of being on holiday was in the quaint hill station of Panchgani.As children we have a lot of memories there of making friends and being close to nature.It’s hard to imagine the countless times that we’ve been to Panchgani over the years after that memorable first time.

This time around we were met with heavy rains and although that restricted us to being at the hotel room,Panchgani never looked as beautiful as when it was touched with rains.The rain and mist through our windows along with some deep fried bhajiyas for snacks made it an experience in itself.

It did clear out and we even took a trip to Mahableshwar for our usual boating and tireless shopping.

Mum and I spent a lot of time in the garden on the swing set catching up on old times and admiring all the nature around us.

Panchgani has become more like home over the years and I simply enjoy clicking pictures each time.It is a place I share some sort of karmic bond with and know for sure that I will return to it yet again!It will always be my cool change.



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