Gone in a flash!!

October has gone by in a flash and it hasn’t been a great month but it’s left me with a special gift.Just today I woke up feeling peaceful,thankful,contented and yes all at the same time.It is a feeling I’ve been struggling for.Today I found myself release and let go of all the things pulling me back.

I find myself suddenly looking forward to tomorrow again and making it into yet another perfect day where I accept what is and be happy.

I found myself smiling,singing even doing a funny jig.I felt calmness.

October I thank you for all the emotional outbursts which sometimes are a good thing I think.It makes you feel pain and then suddenly you don’t feel it at all.It gets washed away.I hope the serenity I found in me lasts because it made me feel beautiful again.

Four things that I did in October that helped me overcome feelings of self pity,loneliness and attachment to the past.The healing-

1.Crying my heart out.Even though I felt like a big baby being on the verge of tears every minute of the day.It did help me gain a clearer picture and gain focus on what’s important for me now.Boohoo actually led to a yoohoo!!

2.Talking about my pain to my family even though it meant whining and complaining and making everything seem bigger than it really was.Driving my family up the wall did eventually work out well for me and I could get them to smile too at the end.

3.Walking helped me feel energized again and I wish I’d be more regular at it.We are blessed to have a park facing the sea and I’m glad I can look forward to more regular workouts there.

4.Watching the broadway musical Beauty and the Beast.I’m still dreaming of it.I love a good play.

I leave October behind but with a smile.November I have to help my little ones at my drama class come together and put up a little Christmas Show at my home.We are going to send the parents video clips of it.Its a little difficult getting the children to learn lines of a poem,skit and carols.But I just want them to have fun with it.Six adorable children rehearsing in November and then at the end of it I go on a holiday with mum and dad.More on that later.

So thank you October,let’s start November and December will bring it’s own bag of goodies!!  


Got by this year with a little bit of luck!!


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