Miss the noise

Growing up is the best part in our lives.Summers actually meant summer back then.Summer now is just one of the months that it really heats up.Back then it meant playing with your friends,organizing treasure hunts,playing cricket and badminton and pooling in whatever little pocket money we had to replace a lost ball or shuttlecock.

Summer meant bruising our knuckles playing ‘King’ and not minding it.Stuck in the mud had us all aggressive,energetic and brought it with it so many laughs.A long chain of other games,we used to start with one and end with another everyday.We had friends from all over the neighborhood join us in our games and we were always caught for all the noise we made.

Everyday of summer meant we had to come up with a new game a new wave of happiness.

Then the long chats when we had to wind down and talk about Archie and Betty and Veronica also all the latest on MTV.Some of the girls used to make garlands to put at the cross down the road and make us all pray at the end of play.

Summer meant crushing on a boy or two boys.But it always put you at the top of the world just to play with them,run after them,stand next to them.We all played our hearts out.

Even growing up to be teenagers summer held it’s value and we didn’t mind the beginning of another semester because there would be friends to meet again.

But from the time I’ve graduated I’ve sensed that some people move on and others get left behind.Everybody leaves for work,new locations to live and start families or study further.

I’m one of those who got left behind who still yearns for that shout out from a neighborhood friend or for a long walk with a girlfriend chatting about everything under the sun.Heck even to have a crush again and have them near you.

I longingly look down my lane for friends that came so often before.

It’s filled with new people and their children growing up now.

But for me it’s empty and I miss the noise we used to make!! That happy noise!!


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