Facing fear!!

This is just a short piece,light hearted and a little funny of the three most toughest,longest years of my life.I’ve had a lot of learning experiences and yet at the same time find myself still struggling to break free from the fear that resides in me.Irrational as it may seem but fear and worry that is all mine.This note helps me look at the lighter side of it.

Let’s meet again on a roller coaster baby!!🎢

I was attached to a place for nine long years,

Then uprooted myself from it.

It was a mistake but I only thought I had newer,better things to look forward to but it meant missing out on all the special things I had.Yet it was a mistake I did for my pride so I don’t regret it.

I was met with a shock when I had no job.

From then on I never had the confidence in me again.

Even then I pushed myself into different places again but couldn’t just last anywhere because my mind kept telling me to quit.

Now I run a small class from the comfort of my home.

And it doesn’t take me anywhere I don’t want to be and I like it that way.

But new opportunities are stirring again,

And my mind is held again with worry.

So I spoke to a friend and he said whatever this illness maybe,

It’s a tiny little thing you can control it don’t let it control you.

But I cried and said I was nervous of new things,people and places

And that my mind just says give up even before I know it because of this invisible illness I have.

So he said write down this illness then burn it,kill and murder it you must and say bye bye to it forever.

Don’t let it feed on you he said,your mind and body are stronger.

I listened to these wise words and I will soldier on and if fear raises it’s ugly head I will squash,it I’ll yank it,I’ll spank it.

But never let it push me into darkness again.

Fear I know you’re there and I know you’ll come but this lady is ready for you this time and she’ll fall down if she has to but get up she will.So fear let’s make a truce that if you and I were to live together we will live in peace and you’ll meet me sometimes but only on a roller coaster and then I won’t mind shrieking away but for now just let’s live in peace!



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