Today I learn to let go,

I learn to not yearn for things that cannot be mine.

Today I learn to be thankful,

Thankful for all the tiny blessings in my life like a walk in the park,a note from a friend and food on the table.

Today I learn to maintain meaningful relationships,

Stay close to people who know how to love even from afar.

Today I learn to be happy in the moment,

As there is nothing that would change the moment I’m in,it just is.

Today I learn to forgive myself for mistakes made and look ahead,

I hope the road ahead is pretty and it will be if I want it to be.

Today and always I listen to the closest person in my life,

Today is what mother told me how life will be.

Like a long and winding staircase it leads you up and sometimes it brings you down you just have to learn to step up and overcome your fear of what might lie ahead.

Today …




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