Today as I bought myself a dreamcatcher I list down some of the dreams that materialised in my life without intentionally wanting them but they left me with a feeling that a dream has been fulfilled.

Dream 1- Ever since I was a child I loved role playing a teacher.As I grew up I never had any real aims and my dreams changed with circumstances but I did become a teacher and it happened to me naturally.I miss having tons of children around me everyday but I have six enchanting children that come for my Drama class.Children are and will always be the blessings in my life.A dream I hope I continue to catch.

Dream 2- I’ve always wanted to watch a concert and although in college we had a lot of college bands performing,my true blue concert moments were at The Blues Festival that is held every year.Thanks to my sister and brother in law for taking me to my dream.Watching live music is a dream that brings me back to life.

Dream 3- I’ve always wanted to volunteer and although I had to take it up as work because I needed a job and could put in only four months at an NGO.It did leave me with wonderful memories and to volunteer one day is a dream I’d love to pursue.

Dream 4-I love my home and family and being close to them and seeing them happy and healthy is a dream I’d love to dream everyday.

Dream 5-I’ve always wanted to fly in a plane it may sound silly but my flight to Kodaikanal a few years ago left me floating in the clouds and I hope I dream my way into faraway places.

Dreams are a funny thing

They happen to you in mysterious ways

Some day you’re thinking hey I lived my dream and never even knew it !! 

 Taken from Pinterest. 

 Taken from Pinterest.

My very own dreamcatcher!! 



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