Chalk dust💫

Ever since I started teaching back then it was in a real school unlike now where I teach from home I loved using a simple blackboard and chalk to teach.You can call me old school but it worked the best.

My favourite was teaching them to come up with words with a particular vowel and listing all the words the children came up with,on the blackboard.It really amazed the children the number of words they knew and how good their vocabulary was even if they were at the tender age of five and were still learning to read,write and spell.

Drawing out a plant and showing them the different parts of it was something the children enjoyed.A huge pretty flower on the board always thrilled little girls.

Math was simple all you had to draw was a number line.As soon as they understood the concept of the number line other mathematical concepts fell within their grasp.

A blackboard and chalk helped teaching poetry to the higher grades when the entire class had to come up with their own poem on the theme of school and they managed to just as the school bell rang signaling them to go home after a long,tiring and eventful day both for the teacher and them.I remember them excitedly jotting down the poem they had never imagined they could create themselves and then rushing in time for their school buses.

Teaching drama was great because the blackboard became the set,the backdrop for endless skits and impromptu performances.I let the children draw on the board and they came up with simple scenes based on their skits.

Then there were the festivals.The blackboard came alive for these parties with firecrackers and little notes for the children saying Happy Diwali and for Christmas the blackboard filled with drawings of snow flaked houses,Christmas trees and of course gifts and Santa!!This was my way of wishing them a happy holiday and to come back to school with renewed energy and joy.

The blackboard became the centre of all activity when the class was divided into teams for simple quizzes and games.The children cheered each time when a point was give to their team on the board.

Ever since I’ve been home I have no access to a big beautiful blackboard but some ideas from Pinterest got me addicted to some silly chalkboard art which I find very therapeutic.It also reminds me of my days with the children.Days gone by.

So my first chalkboard art,ideas all borrowed from Pinterest was as a gift to my friend who runs a salon and the other one is for my balcony (yet to be completed as the rains come and go ) just simple quotes using a slate.

 I guess my love for chalk dust will never end!



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