To the beat of the Zonals.

A long time ago back when I was in college my best friend,soul sisters we are actually took me to the Zonals held at The St.Andrew’s Auditorium every year.I remember her brother was directing a play and we got free passes.

It was my first experience of witnessing the Zonals and I can still feel the excitement and buzz in the auditorium.It had an energy and excitement of it’s own.

This year I went to watch it with my family and was met with the same throbbing energy.

So to tell you a little about the Zonals it’s the St.Andrew’s All Bandra Parish Talent Contest held every year.There are four competing zones North East, North West,South East and South West all vying for the championship.The Zonals as they are lovingly called bring together the community especially the youth for sports,poster competitions,musical,dance and the most eagerly awaited Dramatic contests.

On Sunday which was the culmination of the event we got to see winners of all the other contests.

Of course all that and four plays rolled into one long and enjoyable  evening.

From the four plays ‘The Beginning of Man’ which took us back in time to the characters and stories of the book of Genesis had the audience in splits.The humorous and witty way they depicted characters and stories had the audience laughing till the end.The actors had good comic timing and had clever ways in use of props and simplistic sets.Noah’s Arc was built so easily in a matter of minutes by the cast onstage itself.

‘Hollering at Bach’ had a beautiful story,script and brilliant actors.I especially liked the character of A.I.

‘The Pinto Show’was full of laughs and inside jokes of the Zonals weaved into it.

‘Knots’ the final play as the Chief Guest rightly said had us in knots.I would have to see it or rather hear it again.The dialogues must have been very tough for the cast to memorize.

The North West Zone did take home the championship but what mattered was the memories.The participants sitting in the aisles,the zones cheering,singing and dancing,the lovely judges,the hosts,the effort put in by the participants young and old .

A charged up atmosphere until the lights went out and until next year Cheers to the lively beat of the ZONALS!! 

Picture taken of -The poster that won first place on the front page of their brochure.Thank you.


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