To the children.

To the children everywhere,

Eleven years into teaching has brought with it many experiences good and bad.There have been times when I wanted to quit being a teacher altogether.But there’s always a thought of a child that makes you start over again.There have been countless children I’ve met in my life.They all speak the same language.

The language of kindness.There are so many times a child has sensed my needs and brightened my day with words simple as can be or just a smile.Sensitivity is something only a child understands best.

The language of love.They will meet you again and again with renewed joy even though you may have been strict or stern with them in the past.If they happen to grow to love you they will love you unconditionally forever.

The language of hard work.They always show you the meaning of hard work and that if the little ones can so can we.They have a will and strive not always to be the best but simply for happiness.Drive for life is something I have to still work on.

The language of innocence.They are always honest about their feelings,their attitude and basically anything they say or do is from the purity of their heart.

The language of confidence.No matter where they come from,race,creed,religion,languages they speak or their socio economical background they have an inherent quality to spread smiles confidently and step out each day into the sunshine no matter how dark the night has been.

The language of hope.They always give you a reason that there are endless opportunities and heights to reach.

The children are my language and they will always speak the language of the universe.Hope we listen to and care for and love them as much as they do.

Love always…

P.S. Always feel abandoned without you❤️


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