Funny equation.

My nephew turns 18 tomorrow.How time flies.The day he was born I was most excited.I was just a teen then and excitedly told all my batch mates in college that I’m going to be an Aunt.Rushed to the clinic and my first sight of him .Everyone agreed he was going to be tall and he is.I remember fighting to name him and rushing back from college to talk to the little whirlwind .It really didn’t matter if he understood I knew he listened well.

From then on he came to granny’s house he calls her nanny once sometimes twice a week.We remember playing cricket,taking him to the park,his love for buses and saying busssss every time one passed by and his favorite pastime Island Island where both of us imagined we were on an island and having the greatest adventure.He loved showing magic tricks and clowning around.

He grew up really fast .Loves sports and goalkeeping for his school and college team.Plays all kinds of sports actually.

He’s known to study hard and excel in it too.It hasn’t been all fun and games for him.

It was just yesterday that I ran around the park with him,fighting over his toys we do actually fight a lot even though I’m his Aunt .

We spent a lot of crazy trips and holidaying with him is a lot of fun.We do a little holiday jig with his mum when we arrive at our destination far from city life.

It’s beautiful to watch a child grow into an adult and it’s amazing that all the memories wrapped up with him have gone by in a whirl …the whirlwind that he is and will always be.

You came to us like a whirlwind

All bundled with joy,games,tricks and laughter.

I was growing up too and lost in my own crazy rush

But you always stopped by to give a friendly hug and lots of laughs

I never chronicled each stage of your life

Maybe because it was so closely entwined with mine

Hope you always give your mum and dad joy

But to me you are my one and only baby boy!!


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