Small notes to myself .

The more I try to be happy the more I surround myself with anger.

I have a reason to be angry I want to be free but I am already bound by a lot of things and people.

I blame it on myself for I have never been truly independent .I guess I’m slow at taking decisions and doing things myself.

I need to reach out to that calm within but I’m only met with resistance mostly from myself.

I’d like to let go of the past but it only causes bitterness within.Maybe it’s because the past has shaped me into who I am and it’s important to me as much as the present.

Making new connections only leads to losing another close friend.Do family relationships always have to be top priority and always need constant work.Do not other people in your life hold value and love and fondness in your heart too?

I will have to start again tomorrow to be good and kind, selfless and always smiling .

I’m trying to be patient with myself hope the people close to me stay patient too.

Trying to pick up the pieces,rebuild and rework .Also redream.

A little selfishness won’t do no harm ,a little encouragement for yourself won’t do no harm.A little I have my own dreams and will continue to won’t do no harm to anyone.

I had a bad day and gave others around me a bad time too but I will try to make tomorrow better which I always do.


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