Boys Night Out!!

I think I’ve always been one of the boys,the girl next door in other words I love hanging out with boys.They have a different way of thinking and living.Sometimes they make you aware of the world outside especially if you’re too sheltered from it.Otherwise they’re just good for the ride.

So it was Saturday night and I met up with an old college friend.We’re all a little old now but college feels like yesterday.He has a lovely wife and she happens to work on the weekends.So my friend came riding all the way from Mira road till then I took a quick walk on Carter road my  most happiest place to be.We had no real plans so we just sat at the beach for awhile.He helped me get over the grumpiness of the day I was feeling and then we were really hungry so we rode to the first bakery like my friend rightly called it “Bakery night”.

So we went to our college haunt Andoras which has been there ever since our college days and much much before that.It used to be a small outlet now has place to sit and reminds me of a Goan shack.We were just in time because it closes early.We got almost locked in with it.We had a delicious chicken roti kind of like a frankie and chicken croissants which my friend devoured.We were the last customers of the day and felt sad when the shutters came down.

So my guy friend decides to hop on to the next most famous bakery Hearsche .There he ordered a juicy chicken burger.I took a bite of it.I had a flaky ,warm chicken puff.We sat out by a tree and chatted some more about Bandra,college and friends.I had my fill of bakery night but will definitely go back for that chicken burger.

Then we took a spin to bandstand admired all the bungalows and mansions and talked about the haunted building.We would have dropped into Cafe Sea side as well but now the sea and the gentle breeze was more than enough.We sat there for a bit admired the waves and then took pictures of the most glorious moon peeking out behind a building.I guess that was enough for us to ride back home happy.My friend back to his adorable wife and me snuggled in my home ,with no care or worry in the world .Just a long, happy sleep till Sunday morning.

It’s nice to have boyfriends they remind you that life isn’t so hard and the simplest pleasures can bring great happiness.Thanks to my friend for some of the pictures we took together and his wife for lending him for a couple of hours.

Oh,Do Look at my Moon!!

Beach side park.
Beach side park.



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