This is where I start..

Finally learning my way around here.Reading here is going to be more fun than writing I discovered.Some stories have really inspired me already to keep reaching out to new experiences that our world has to offer.We all have hardships and struggles.We are so interwoven in our joys,sorrows,struggles and second chances at life.We are so intimately woven with each other yet lost in our worlds.We have so much to give yet, in our own significant and magnificent ways.We have yet to see the other spectrum of the world.

We are all tiny little warriors in life.All lost in battle trying to survive not quit the fight.Remarkable how there can be so much goodness in the world along with grief.I guess they co exist like we all do and like a friend once kindly said I’m just trying to make my own little mark on the world.

Time to love and a time to leave…IMG_0051


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