Balcony days!!

I often sit on my balcony sometimes lost in thought,trying to find answers,reading,taking pictures or just listening to music and watching the familiar passerby’s .One of them a lost little doggie that seems to roam our streets .I call her Phoebe.It has been long since I wanted to improve how the balcony looked so I grabbed today to start shopping for it and painting it.It’s still in Phase 1 as it’s still raining here heavily and I had to drag back everything inside but just in time I got a few pictures.There are some finishing touches like frames showing the transformation of my little space,a chalkboard with a quote on it and a plant that I still have to work on.Hopefully I finish all these at the end of the week and the sun begins to smile down again:) Till then pictures from what it used to be to what it looks today and hopefully better when the sun comes out!!imageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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