So today I reveal my more angelic side.I love children and teaching. Today being Monday there’s a small Drama class that I run.The children always keep me going and bring back happier days and smiles no matter how roller coasterish my weekend has been.This is Part 1 of Pee,Wee and Pete written keeping in mind my own childhood days blended with the times children still have.The same silly games,the same stories do repeat themselves.In all our lives I think.I wish I had pictures though.

To end with I love having a classroom at home…I also love meeting up with my two girlfriends who always encourage me,I loved the omelette dad whipped up tonight and I love sharing a chocolate with mum.Also looking forward to the first …Come September.

I love Barry Manilow too.Makes me cry.Back to some music.

Pee, Wee and Pete 1